Burning River 100

On a not so audio-related note:

My team finished our 100-mile relay this past weekend. I had a 16-mile night leg through the woods. The logistics and prep took a lot of time, so if you sent me an email in the past couple of weeks and I haven't replied, send it again.

"Burning River" is done, now I can get ready for "Burning Amp"!


Ironamp Details

Summer has been really busy and I don't think I'll be able to do a lot of audio related stuff until later in the Fall. Here are the details for the Ironamp power and bias supplies I'm using. The transformers I used were custom wound by Edcor. I built monoblocks, so they're for one channel. The primaries are 115V @ 60Hz, and there are two secondaries, one 80V @ 2A, and one 21V @ 50mA, 150VA.

Here's the main power supply:




And here's the bias supply:



Enjoy :)

P.S. If you find yourself thinking about sending me a cranky email to tell me what I should have done differently, or why such-and-such is better, or that so-and-so on the forums says you shouldn't do that, I want you to know that I value your time, and that I really suggest you don't waste it being cranky.  Do whatever you want to do.  Your energy will be better spent on your own creative efforts.